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Our Signature Products

We bring you the perfect delicacies to satisfy your senses. We aim to provide the highest quality online Persian and Middle Eastern Grocery Market. Ordering online with Persian Basket is easy and simple. Our signature products are carefully selected and chosen to meet our standards in quality and taste. Our Persian Saffron Negin is of the highest quality grade along with daily fresh baked Barbari Bread, Iranian Pistachios and fresh Seasonal Fruits.

Our Seeds, Nuts and Dried Fruit

Whether it be savoring our succulent mejdool dates , cooking your next rice meal with our dried barberries or passing time cracking seeds and opening Iranian pistachios we are certain you will enjoy our quality selection of Seeds, Nuts and Dried Fruit. Our online Persian Grocery Market allows our customer to get their favorite snacking products and key ingredients to make the perfect Persian rice dishes! Don't miss out on our high quality Barberries - Zereshk!

Sweets, Cookies and Nougat

We offer a variety selection of Persian sweets and treats. Barmaki and Zaban cookies are a perfect match with a cup of chai. Our SignatureChickpea Cookies - Shirini Nokhodchi (Baked Fresh) are incredible, Evoke childhood memories with wafers and Persian pistachio Nougat - Gaz! We can rest assure your sweet tooth will be satisfied.

Persian Herbs and Spices

Explore our online market of fabulous selection of gourmet herbs and spices. We offer such a variety of herbs and spices to enhance your next Koobdieh, Sabzi Pollo, KooKoo, and Khoresht dinner. From warm Bahrat - Advieh, Cardamom, and Coriander to Dill, Tumeric and orange peel you will be able to find the herb and spice you need for your next meal or dessert!