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Variety Pack - 1lb Multi Flavor Fruit Lavashak - Nafis

Variety Pack - 1lb Multi Flavor Fruit Lavashak - Nafis

Lavashak Bar - 1lb - Nafis

Lavashak Bar - 1lb - Nafis

Barberry Fruit Roll - Lavashak Zereshk 90gr - Nafis

Barberry Lavashak by Nafis comes in a large rectangular sheet weighing 90 grams. It has a mildly tangy taste and a soft consistancy. Nafis Lavashaks are available in variety pack option as well as mixed fruit flavor in shape of bars. Try them all and choose your own favorite from the mix... Net weight: 90 grms
Availability: In stock
Lavashak is a popular fruit snack back home. Traditionally, this snack is made by cooking/reducing fresh plump fruits to a soft pasty consistency. This soft tasty paste is then spread in thin layers and get sun dried to achieve the colorful tasty fruit rolls called Lavashak! Now a days this product is made in large industrial scale using many different types of fruits to get individual flavors or mix fruit flavors of Lavashak. This snack comes in large shesets, small fruit roll bars, toffee shaped pieces, in fruit juice/syrup and/or as just dry rolls. No matter in what form or flavor they come, all Lavashaks are mouth watering good!!!
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