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Persian Greeting Card - For Weddings

Persian Greeting Card - For Weddings

Ready to Display

Ready to Display "Sofreh Haft Sin" - Termeh Theme

Modern Design "Kaleh Ghand" - Decorated Sugar Cones for "Sofreh Aghd"

Sold As a Pair "Kaleh Ghand" is another component of the traditional Iranian wedding "Sofreh Aghd". "Kaleh Ghand" (sugar cones) are used in the wedding ceremony in a ritual called "Ghand Sabi". During "Ghand Sabi", happily married woman rub the sugar cones together over the couples' head and let the grinned sugar fall in a cloth held over the couples' head. This cloth is prepared from fine see through mostly silk material by either bride or groom's mother. This ritual symbolizes well wishes for the newly wed. It represent wishing for any friction between the couple to turn into sweetness that showers the newly wed couple's life. Buy this beautifully presented/decorated sugar cone pair. This cones are wrapped in a white sheer organza and then artfully decorated with large pieces of handmade, elegant paisleys or shimmery silver trim decorated with pearls. **Consultation with our graphic designer/artist (for a fee) is available upon request. Our artist can give you ideas and/or send you pictures on how to set your "Sofreh"**
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"Kaleh Ghand" - Decorated Sugar Cones for "Sofreh Aghd". This set is presents two large sugar cubes. Using sugar cubes instead of cones are the newest trend in "Sofreh Aghd" set up in Iran for weddings of 1398. Each sugar cube measures 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch. The pair weights 600 grams. Sold As a Pair
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