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Shah Taj 10 lb Supreme Basmati Sella Rice

Shah Taj 10 lb Supreme Basmati Sella Rice

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Sour and Tasty Individually Wrapped Dark Ghareghorut Paziraee


These Ghareghoroot snacks are individually wrapped bite size pieces perfect for any party or snack time. Darker colored individually wrapped traditional Ghareghoroot from Khorasan with the familiar sour taste. Ghara Ghoroot have an intense flavor and sour taste that even thinking of it will make your mouth water.

Net weight: 8 oz. - approximately 50 pieces

Availability: In stock

Ghareghorut is a popular sour snack back home in motherland Iran. This product is made using a traditional recipe that yields from processing Kashk whey and yogurt. This specific product has been cut in small almost 3/4 inch pieces that are then wrapped individually to create a much more user friendly presentation.

The word Ghareghorut literally means black yogurt in Turkish. This product was originally made by villagers processing dairy. It gradually gained popularity among many youth and became a mainstream snack that has been favored by many Iranians. The savory sour flavor of it is hard to forget so it tends to remind you of good old childhood time when being carefree was all you knew! This product tend to come in different colors ranging from light brown to black. The color depend on the duration of time it takes to yield the Ghareghoroot. No matter how long the production process takes, the final product is always super tangy to the point, even thinking of it makes you drool!

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