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Noodles For Faloodeh Shirazi - Imported

Noodles For Faloodeh Shirazi - Imported


Angelica "Golpar" - Imported

Wafer Blocks for "Akbar Mashti" Ice Cream

These crispy, fresh wafers are here due to popular request! They are a life saver to help you serve the ever famous Iranian Akbar Mashti ice cream. You can not get this ice cream anywhere near you! Do not worry, we have got you covered. Follow the simple steps below to make your own home made "Akbar Mashti" ice cream under one hour!! This pack provides you with 8 large round pieces of wafer. Each piece can be easily cut into four pieces to serve two people (covering top and bottom of your ice cream). Each wafer round measure 8.5 inches in diameter. 5 oz, 150 grams
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These crispy and flavorful wafers are a perfect way to serve your home made "Akbar Mashti" ice cream. If you are wondering how to get Akbar Mashti ice cream made at the comfort of your own home in under one hour, follow the steps below. - Buy any plain or vanilla ice cream brand of your choice - Thaw out for about 20 minutes until it is slightly soften (Not turned into liquid) - Dissolve 1 teaspoonful of ground saffron to 1-2 table spoon of a mild rose water brand (i.e. Golchin Naab Golab or Golchin Ghamsar Golab) - Mix in the diluted saffron/rosewater into the ice cream - You can add pieces of ground pistachio for added Persian authenticity flare - You can also add pieces of frozen mascarpone cheese or Iranian Khameh Abali to the mix to imitate the original pieces of frozen "Khameh"' in "Iranian Akbar Mashti" ice cream. In order to make these pieces, just pour some "Khameh, Abali brand" or mascarpone cheese into a small freezer safe glass or metal container and place it in the freezer overnight. Take it out in the morning and cut it into very small pieces to be used inside your home made "Akbar Mashti" ice cream
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